There's no place like Horizon

Horizon Aviation Services has over 100 years of combined experience in general and business aviation. We are able to troubleshoot any issue with almost any aircraft!

We are expanding in our capabilities to serve many different aircraft! We are now a Cessna and a Beechcraft service center and looking into other brands!

We are now capable of performing avionics maintenance and installations! Our staff has over 30 years of avionics maintenance experience that aims to make your panel as beautiful and functional as possible!

Meet some of our crew

Rob McLaurin

Our IA has experience in not only general aviation but in just about every class of aircraft. From Piper Cubs to Learjets, Rob does it all.

He is committed to keeping all of customers as safe as possible in the skies. Rob makes sure that every inspection done by Horizon is to the highest standard. He will not let an airplane touch the runway until it is in the safest condition possible. 

Maddison Bell

Our parts manager is committed to making sure that all maintenance work orders get all the parts they require in the most timely manner. With this, she is also committed to getting customers the parts they need at competitive pricing. 

Even if your aircraft has impossible-to-find parts, she will find a way to get you what you need. 


Coming soon...

Maddison is working diligently to create an electronic store for aircraft parts. Once up and running, customers will be able to check stock on items they need and get quick quotes. They will also be able to place online orders so that buying parts is a breeze.

Horizon Aviation has been speaking with multiple avionics suppliers so that Horizon will be a one stop shop for everything your airplane needs. Keep checking back on the status of partnerships!

Horizon Aviation is also speaking with multiple brands of aircraft to become a service center for most brands of aircraft. Keep checking back for updates!