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Horizon Aviation Services

Serving Aviators in Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina since 1993

With over 100 years of combined maintenance experience, there is little we can’t do. 

Beechcraft and Cessna Authorized Service Facility Logo
We are an Authorized Service Facility for Beechcraft and Cessna, providing Textron-backed service and parts for the biggest names in General Aviation.
Cirrus Authorized Logo
We are an authorized service and parts center for all Cirrus piston aircraft, including the SR20, SR22, and SR22T, including the new SR series G7 aircraft.
Garmin Authorized Dealer Logo
We are a Garmin authorized dealer, offering sales, service, updates, and installation for Garmin's entire line of portable and panel mounted avionics.
SureFly Electronic Ignition Logo
We are a dealer for the SureFly line of Electronic Ignition Systems, making the reliability and efficiency of electronic ignition available for all Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines.
Electronics International Inc. Logo
We are a dealer for Electronics International's full line of instruments, offering sales and installation of everything from single-function gauges to complete graphical engine monitoring systems.
Trig Avionics logo
We are an authorized dealer for Trig Avionics, providing sales and installation for their entire line of radios, transponders, and audio panels.

Aircraft are complex and delicate machines. If your aircraft has any issues, from a minor case of "Hangar Rash" to something as serious as a gear collapse and prop strike, we have the tools, experience, and resources to correct it and get you back in the air.


It doesn't matter if you're looking for a couple of screws, or an entire wing, we can help. Our parts department has an extensive inventory of parts for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Cirrus, Grumman American, and many more. If we don't have what you need, we will find it!

Maintenance and Servicing

Regular preventative maintenance is an important part of keeping both you and your aircraft safe. Let us help you keep your aircraft in tip-top shape with oil changes, tire changes, and other servicing needs. We also offer Oxygen refilling services for both installed and portable O2 systems.

Pitot/Static and Transponder Certifications

As an FAA Certified Repair Station, we can certify your aircraft's altimeter and transponder systems for flight under 14 CFR, parts 91.411 and 91.413. Legally required for flight in instrument conditions or into controlled airspace, these inspections keep you both safe and legal!


We offer all types of inspection services, including Annual inspections, Progressive "Phase" inspection programs, and 100-hour inspections for certified aircraft, Conditional inspections for Light Sport and Amateur Built Experimental Aircraft, and pre-buy inspections for all types of aircraft.

About us

     As a small team of dedicated people with a wide range of expertise and experience, we are focused on our customers and meeting their needs.  Whether you’re bringing us a Cub, a Citation, a Van’s RV, or a powered parachute, we will make sure that you are leaving the ground with the utmost confidence in your aircraft.  

     Unlike many large and impersonal shops, we have no problem with you stopping in to see how the work on your aircraft is going and talking to the mechanics that are doing the work.  This gives you direct access to see that we are taking care of your aircraft as if it were our own.